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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zarin Fabrics Bankruptcy?

So in addition to writing this blog on my thoughts of The Real Housewives..., I have created several pages dedicated to The Real Housewives on Squidoo.  One of the features on Squidoo is that you can see what search terms people have entered to get to your page and this week, many people have searched "Zarin Fabrics Bankruptcy" and found my page about The Real Housewives of New York City News.  This of course lead me to wonder whether Zarin Fabrics, the family owned and run business of former New York Housewife, Jill Zarin's husband, Bobby Zarin, had filed for bankruptcy.  My own personal search has not revealed any information about a pending Zarin Fabrics bankruptcy, so the question becomes---did Zarin Fabrics file for bankruptcy or is this a bubbling internet rumor?  Or did a bunch of random people happen to search "Zarin Fabrics Bankruptcy" on the same day?

Jill had a bad rap the last few seasons she was on The Real Housewives of New York City as her portrayal went from "queen bee" to "mean girl."  Regardless of your opinion of Jill as a person, I certainly hope that Zarin Fabrics is not filing for bankruptcy.  Zarin Fabrics has been a mainstay in New York's lower east side since 1936 and is a third generation family owned and operated business.  Jill has proudly shared how her husband, Bobby, has expanded the store and its success by leaps and bounds.  She is also an integral part of the Zarin Fabrics business.  Unfortunately, as well all know, the economy has been rough for all businesses in the past few years and Jill's ouster from TV and perceived bad image may have taken away from their customer base.  (Although, I doubt the majority of Zarin Fabrics' business was Real Housewives fans checking out the store because it was featured on the show and they may see Jill.) Zarin Fabrics was around and very successful long before Jill became a housewife.

I guess time will tell whether this is just an odd budding rumor or whether Zarin Fabrics is headed for bankruptcy.  Perhaps Jill will shed some light on whether this is a rumor or not.  Also, remember that bankruptcy does not necessarily mean the end for a business.  Many businesses enter bankruptcy, restructure, and come out of bankruptcy to become successful businesses once again.  Either way, best of luck to Zarin Fabrics in the future and continued success!

UPDATE: I tweeted Jill Zarin to get an answer regarding this whole Zarin Fabrics bankruptcy thing and she quickly tweeted that it was not true and seemingly angered, wanted to know who started this rumor.  I hope she doesn't consider me to have started it as I clearly stated that I could find no evidence that Zarin Fabrics was filing for bankruptcy but was perplexed that a significant number of people in a short period of time had been searching "Zarin Fabrics Bankruptcy" and was wondering what the deal was.  Guess we'll probably never know what provoked the "googling" but for now it is safe to say that it is probably some weird coincidence or very undocumented rumor.  Glad to hear that Zarin Fabrics is NOT entering bankruptcy.


  1. Jill does not own/ manage/ or work at Zarin Fabrics despite what she says. It is owned and managed by Bobby and his oldest son (the third generation). She has zero involvement in the store despite her claims.

  2. Jill Zarin's company is not in trouble. Actually, it continues to provide well for Jill Zarin and her husband, Bobby Zarin, who is the co-founder. As a matter of fact, the former reality star even landed a weekly gig on THE afternoon talk show, Good Afternoon America - I saw it! She still looks so beautiful! Anyway, I wonder who started the rumor.