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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Don Cheated on Vicki for 20 Years?!

The latest clip released from Bravo in anticipation of Monday's Part 2 of the reunion show from Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Orange County includes a major reveal....Donn cheated on Vicki for 20 years!  A fact confirmed by both Vicki's daughter, Briana, and Vicki's BFF turned frenemy, Tamra.  As Briana is discussing her dislike of Vicki's boyfriend, Brooks, she shares that Brooks has been around long before Vicki and Donn separated.  Amidst her denial than anything was going on, Vicki shares that Donn had an affair for 20 years during their marriage.  Both Briana and Tamra share that they were aware of this.  Gretchen is shocked and maintains that Vicki is a hypocrite for her relationship with Brooks.  Not only is he a deadbeat when it comes to child support--a topic that has been a sore spot between Vicki and Gretchen as Vicki previously attacked Gretchen for dating Slade in spite of his inability to pay child support for his children--but Vicki has also attacked Gretchen for being allegedly unfaithful to her deceased fiance, Jeff.

Things got even uglier as Tamra accused Vicki of cheating on Donn while they were in Cabo filming for Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Apparently, after Tamra left Cabo, Vicki stayed and called her one morning to share that she woke up naked with some guy.  Vicki denied this on the lives of her children and her unborn grandchild.  To which, Tamra told Vicki she was going to hell.

Here are my thoughts on Vicki and all of these allegations.  Who knows whether every single allegation is true, but clearly some of them are.  My biggest issue with housewives of any of these shows is that they refuse to admit when they are wrong or make mistakes.  They continue to deny, deny, deny even when they're caught.  Further, even if they do admit to doing something wrong that they've previously maligned someone else for doing, they always have an excuse for how and why it's different and why they really weren't wrong.  If Vicki simply said to Gretchen and Slade earlier in the season You know what, I was wrong to attack you two for dating and the whole not paying child support thing.  While I don't condone not paying child support and I believe that Slade you should be doing everything in your power to pay every last cent of child support owed to the mothers of your children, it's none of my business and your relationship is none of my business.   Yes, Brooks got into a situation where he couldn't pay his child support and even had to go to jail for it.  I don't condone him not paying his child support, but he is doing everything he can now to pay it and I believe he's better off out of jail so he can work and provide his kids with money than in jail unable to support his kids.  I'm sorry for attacking you in the past, I was wrong, and I won't do it again."  Simple, easy and she won't be called a hypocrite.  Everyone can change and realize that they do not know every detail.

While personally, I have some of my skepticism of the whether Slade is doing everything for his children, I don't know every detail so it's not for me to judge.  It is clear he doesn't make the same amount of money he made when we watched him in Season 1 and Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, so how could he afford the same child support? Also, one of his sons is severely ill and has extensive medical bills.  It's also possible that a significant portion of Slade's money is going towards his son's medical care than his child support. whole rambling is basically to say that I think where housewives get in trouble is where they are not honest with the viewers and try to provide a cover up by just yelling louder and louder to deny allegations against them.  It's when you hide who you really are, that the viewers begin to dislike you, just like with Alexis--but that is a discussion for another time.  If Vicki just admitted that her marriage to Donn was not what it seemed, that he had affairs and yes, she met Brooks when she was still with Donn and started a relationship during the marriage, viewers would appreciate Vicki's honesty over her deception.  Instead, Vicki insists on denying the accusations and insisting that she was 100% faithful to Donn both emotionally and physically.  On another note, anyone finding the whole vow renewal/my love tank is now full that took place during Season 5 may have been just for the cameras and at Bravo's insistance not Vicki and Donn's?  What do you think of the revelations from Bravo's latest clip, which can be found here, and Vicki's changes this year? Share below!

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