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Monday, July 16, 2012

Jill Did Not Make Up Bankruptcy Rumor for Publicity

Last night, I published a post about whether Zarin Fabrics was filing for bankruptcy after noticing a spike in searches related to a Zarin Fabrics bankruptcy were leading to one of my webpages.  In order to get to the truth on the searches, I tweeted  Jill herself to ask whether their was any truth to the rumor of a potential bankruptcy.  Jill immediately tweeted that there was no truth to the rumor.  Since then the story has apparently taken off and has led to the following blog posts:

All of the articles point out that there was nothing on the internet regarding the alleged bankruptcy--I guess they couldn't find my blog post and suggest that Jill made up the rumor herself for publicity--she did not! I asked her about it and she offered an answer.  I just wanted to clear the air.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear the air that Jill did not make up the rumor about the potential Zarin Fabrics bankruptcy, I noticed a trend in search queries and asked Jill to clear things up.  While Jill has been accused of being a bit of a "publicity whore" in the past, I hate for her to be accused of something that she did not do.  I also apologize to her and her family and the Zarin Fabrics family if they suffer any negative consequences as a result of my question which truly had no mal-intent.

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