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Monday, June 4, 2012

Introducing the New Housewives...

The 5th season of The Real Housewives of New York City premiered on June 4, 2012 and introduces us to three new housewives after last summer's great housewife massacre.  The new housewives are Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill, and Heather Thomson.

We are first introduced to Aviva, whose ex-husband has dated both LuAnn and Sonja and the housewives waste no time pointing this out.  I think at her party, Sonja was a bit passive aggressive as she pointed out to Aviva that Harry, her ex, had called, reassured Aviva he was not showing up, but made a point to say that Harry is SO comfortable around her (Sonja) that even if he was at the party, he would be fine.  Never mind that we have already learned that Aviva and Harry get along without any problems.  Sonja claims she stirs the drink, not the pot, but there was a bit of pot stirring in her slight digs about Harry.

A bit later LuAnn tries to get into it with Ramona about the accusations Ramona made about her parenting during season 4 and at the reunion. Sonja interrupts the confrontation and reminds the ladies that they agreed to "rise above."  Clearly the remaining ladies are well aware that the great housewife massacre occurred because fans were frustrated by the catiness and excessively harsh fighting.  Sonja, LuAnn, and Ramona clearly made a deal to pull back on the fighting so that they don't end up like Jill, Alex, and Kelly.

Ramona tries to bond with new housewife, Heather over the fact that they are business women in fashion, Heather has her own line of shapewear called Yummy Tummie.  Heather feels as though she and Ramona do not bond and Ramona feels the opposite. Heather is further critical of Ramona for over sharing.  Even though Heather is happy to share the story of her son needing a liver transplant after his birth at the drop of a hat, she feels it is inappropriate for Ramona to thereafter share her difficulties with child birth.  Things get a little more tense as Mario and Ramona both criticize Heather for being a bad conversationalist--interrupting people and not listening to others.  Ironically, as Ramona is criticizing Heather for talking over others, interrupting, and not giving others a chance to speak, Ramona is doing the same thing.  These two may be a bit too alike which will definitely lead to them bumping heads.  Heather's inappropriate cocktail party etiquette and over sharing is also drawn into question as she repeatedly points out that "her father just died" in a casual manner as if sharing she just got her hair done.  Then again, we all grieve in our own way, who am I to judge?

Finally, the last new housewife is Carole Radizill, a widow who wrote a memoir about losing her husband to cancer.  However, it is five years later and she is trying to move on, but "people constantly want to talk about her book" and bring her back to the place of being a recent widow.  Did I mention Carole is a princess (clearly going to cause conflict with the Countess) and she has ties to the Kennedys.  Unlike the other housewives, Carole has some blue blood cred. However, overall thus far she has not left much of an impression.

At the end of the episode, LuAnn meets with all of the "newbies" to discuss the housewives recent time in the Hamptons and drops the bombshell that Ramona is blackmailing her with damning information about her daughter and then leaves.  Clearly, LuAnn who lost all of team brunette to the great housewife massacre is trying to recruit the new ladies to her side for the inevitable feuds that will occur.

What did you think of New York's newest housewives?

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